Blockbuster Cinemas in Noor Jahaan

Nur Jahan directed by Abhimanyu Mukhopadhyay and Raj Chakravarty, who created Raj Chakravarty under the banner of India’s Raj Chakraborty production, is a collaborative film with the help of SVF entertainment and its multimedia.


The film can be a strange love story, college romance, embassy among friends, but not many, the director has a number of ideas that these new icons, especially the protagonist, against parental resistance – and this alone can stop it. In one character can spread to different lands.

This film, which has been talking about the rebuilding of the film, which is dead, has been influenced by more than one story. Some have strong Saathiya frames, with the college elderly doing away with what a construction building is building to build their love home. What looks to worry about what day to eat jewelry, but most of the parts he thinks are lost as scripts. And the audience has left the guess. They get legally married. The most disjoint here is that they escape with a handful of clothes and appear to ornamented in shiny clothes for the registry. They do not mention the moment when they break songs in their college days. But they shot very nicely that you are losing in the story

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